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R&RH Women's Floral Heel Boots

R&RH Women's Floral Heel Boots

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R&RH Women's Floral Heel Boots
Floral embroidery, vibrant color scheme, high heel design, side zipper feature, statement fashion piece
  • Product spec & details

    Design details:
    High-heeled ankle boots with a pointed toe
    Embroidered floral pattern covering the majority of the surface
    Full-length rear zipper for closure
    Reinforced heel counter and side panels for structural support
    Curved top line that rises higher towards the front
    Material options:
    Upper: Leather with embroidery or high-quality synthetic alternative
    Lining: Soft leather or moisture-wicking textile
    Sole: Non-slip rubber or leather with rubber insert
    Zipper: Metal with smooth pull mechanism
    Heel: Layered wood or durable plastic with leather or synthetic wrap
  • Pantone colors

    Jester Red
    Peach Beige
  • Construction specifications

    Upper: High-quality leather with detailed floral embroidery
    Sole: Sturdy leather with a rubber patch under the ball of the foot
    Insole: Comfortable, cushioned insole
    Heel: Approximately 4-inch stiletto heel made from reinforced plastic or metal, covered in leather
    Zipper: Smooth-functioning metal zipper along the backside
    Lining: Soft leather lining to ensure comfort
    Color scheme: Light blue base with multicolored embroidery, black heel, and beige sole
    Stitching: Tight, uniform stitching for the embroidery and construction of the boot
  • Packaging details

    Box:Sturdy cardboard box with a fitted lid, Satin or tissue paper:To wrap and protect the boots, Silica gel packets:To prevent moisture damage, Estimated production cost of packaging:$3-$5 per unit
  • Manufacturing costs

    Low minimums: $150-$250, Mid-scale production: $90-$150, Scaled production: $45-$80
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