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R_RH Women's Pretty Luiiloviie Luxe Heel Belt Boot

R_RH Women's Pretty Luiiloviie Luxe Heel Belt Boot

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R&RH Women's Pretty Luiiloviie Luxe Heel Belt Boot


Pretty Luiiloviie Luxe Heel Belt High Top Womens Boot can be bought at 

or purchase here for payment arrangements up to 4  at checkout.

Get to Know Pretty Luiiloviie

Powerful Pretty Luiiloviie represents assertive introspective courage and respect for those that challenge the system for the good, by Luiiloviie.

Cutting-Edge Design

This boot mixes different features for a fashionable final look. The boot, made of Italian materials panels, has an oversize belt placed on the side of the upper that adds an element of refinement to the design. A 7-cm (2.75-inch) square heel is also covered by materials while the sole is carved from black rubber. The logo is displayed on the side for maximum visibility.

Collector’s Edition Packaging

Enjoy a completely custom and top-quality collector’s edition packaging featuring amazing print quality, handmade Italian construction and a solid magnetic clip. This design piece adds great value to an already exclusive pair of custom made shoes.

 Top quality gloss paper is strictly sourced from Fabriano, Italy.



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