365 Days Business Challenge Update

365 Days Business Challenge Update

 We are truly grateful our followers, customers, and everyone as we have ups and downs starting and maintaining a business. The feeling of business ownership is truly rewarding and for Rich and Rich Homeopportunities, we will continue to grow in retail and also in being able to be healthy. There was a Podcast we did on Blog Talk Radio and it was called 365 Days Business Challenge!! For 2018-2019. The Options Are Many! It has been 4 years ago that the podcast was released 4 years ago and looking back has alot better these days as some of us are still here today and most have higher educational degrees and still maintain business and families. We are going to do our 365 Days Business Challenge with updates and hopefully try to get some of the ladies and men that will be on our podcast so that everyone can understand, "If you think it, then you can do it." I will reach out and blog with updates because I want the show to be important and helpful. Those Up's and Down's are real and make success that much sweeter.

https://www.blogtalkradio.com/richandrichhomeopportunities/2018/11/27/365-days-business-challenge-for-2018-2019-the-options-are-many https://www.blogtalkradio.com/richandrichhomeopportunities Listener dial-in number: (515) 602-9737

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