Fiverr Collaborations

My name is Desiree Sims and I am the brand owner of Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C. dba Rich and Rich International Multi utilizes Fiverr exclusively for our business goals.

I want to share my experience about Afrasyab I know it'll be harder so you can say "Afra."  My Amazon Store appearance was completed by, Afrasyab on Fiverr and here are the projects he completed for our brand

if you're looking someone to grow or develop your e-commerce brand I would recommend him.

Desiree Sims, CEO 


We have a wonderful team at Fiverr I am writing about my experience being an Amazon affiliate,  influencer, and now an Amazon brand.  My Fiverr team assists with our product uploads, newsletters, catalogs, magazines, videos, flyers, and business cards, and newest T-shirts and comic book.  I will do a live training via Zoom and also in person at my office here in Milwaukee with more on Amazon Brand Registry.


Amazon Brand Registry


This has been my journey with Fiverr