Collection: R&RH All Ages Fashion Teddy Bears & Animals

Teddy bears are classic and beloved stuffed toys that are typically made in the shape of a bear. They are named after President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, who famously refused to shoot a bear cub during a hunting trip in 1902. The incident inspired the creation of the first teddy bear by Morris Michtom in the United States and by Richard Steiff in Germany around the same time.


Teddy bears are commonly made of soft plush fabric and stuffed with a material such as cotton or synthetic fibers to make them cuddly and huggable. They often have jointed limbs that can be moved and posed, and usually feature a friendly and cute appearance with a snout, round ears, and small eyes.


Teddy bears are popular as children's toys, gifts for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays, and as sentimental keepsakes. They come in various sizes, colors, and designs, and have been a staple in toy stores and gift shops around the world for over a century. Teddy bears hold a special place in many people's hearts and are often passed down through generations as cherished companions and reminders of childhood memories.